Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stoops talks NFL to journalism class

Bob Stoops spoke openly last Wednesday to a group of students in Al Eschbech's Sports in Media class. Students expected Stoops to talk football, but instead he chose to talk about his players.

Months ago Oklahoma star football players Sam Bradford, Gerald McCoy, Trent Williams, and Germaine Gresham chose to come back to OU for one last season and many were surprised, but Stoops said they came back for a reason.

Stoops spoke at large about the NFL and players choosing to come out of college early in order to secure big NFL salaries. Stoops said that most players don't understand how staying just one more year can help their draft status.

"These kids have agents talking in their ears telling them how much money they can make," said Stoops. "But those agents aren't looking out for these kids, they're looking out for themselves."

Coach Stoops did say that he once had a player that he actually told to enter the NFL draft early. He will tell you that Roy Williams was so good that Stoops told Williams it would not be fair to him or any other players in college football if he came back.

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