Sunday, March 8, 2009

One seed not out of reach for the Sooners

Photo by Taylor Bullard.

The University of Oklahoma men's basketball team finished their season Saturday by defeating the Oklahoma State cowboys 82-78.

The Sooners are now headed for Kansas City for the Big 12 tournament, where they have earned the second seating and a first round bye. This puts OU in great position to make a run at the championship, as well as a number one seed in the NCAA tournament.

Currently, there are a number of teams vying for the four top seeds in the tournament and Oklahoma is certainly one of them. Joining OU as a candidate for the top seed are Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Connecticut, Memphis, and Louisville.

"I think the only lock for a one seed in the tournament is Pittsburgh," University of Oklahoma senior Chad Kennard said. "OU could have been another if they hadn't dropped those three straight games."

If the Sooners win the NCAA tournament they would surely secure another of the four top seeds. This would earn OU a first round bye in the tournament, as well as a much easier schedule.

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