Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sooners earn two seed for NCAA

Just hours ago it was announced that the Oklahoma Sooners earned a two seed into the NCAA basketball tournament and will be playing in the South bracket.

Oklahoma was an early season favorite to receive a one seed, but instead those honors were taken by North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, and Louisville.

After a late season slide and an early loss in the Big 12 tournament fans seem to feel that the two seed is exactly what the Sooners deserve. It also seems that OU lucked out and will be playing it's first two games at the tournament's closest venue, Kansas City, an opportunity that Oklahoma might not have received if it would have stayed a one.

"It's disappointing we didn't get a one seed, but after the bad games we had closing out the season it seems like what we should get," said Senior Economics major Clay Kennard. "Besides, we got our pick of the two seeds and get to play in Kansas City now."

It seems that Oklahoma's biggest competition will be the team that took the one seed in the South bracket, North Carolina. The South bracket will also include big name teams like Syracuse, Clemson, Illinois, and LSU.

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