Friday, December 11, 2009

The way too early 2010 depth chart.

Oklahoma has heard some good news over the last few days while the Sooners have been preparing to face Toby Gerhart and the Stanford Cardinal in the Sun Bowl. Almost everyone suffering from anything other than a season ending injury is back and there has been some positive talk about play makers coming back to spend their Junior and Senior years in Norman.

TBB presents to you, the way too early 2010 depth chart.

QB: Landry Jones
RB: Demarco Murray* / Jermie Calhoun/ Jonathan Miller
FB: Brandon Crow
WR: Ryan Broyles* / Cameron Kenny
WR: DeJuan Miller / Brandon Caleb
TE: Trent Ratterree / James Hanna
T: Donald Stephenson
LG: Stephen Good
C: Ben Habern
RG: Tyler Evans
T: Jarvis Jones / Cory Brandon

DE: Jeremy Beal / David King
DT: Adrian Taylor* / Justin Chaisson
DT: Jamarcus McFarland / Stacy McGee
DE: Frank Alexander / RJ Washington
Will: Travis Lewis* / Austin Box
Mike: Tom Wort
Sam: Ronnell Lewis
FCB: DeMontre Hurst / Gabe Lynn
SS: Sam Proctor / Joseph Ibiloye
FS: Quinton Carter
CB: Jonathan Nelson / Jamell Flemming

*Eligible to declare for the NFL

Interviews from practice have told nothing but positives for DeMarco Murray, Travis Lewis, Dominique Franks, and Ryan Broyles all submitting paperwork to the league but likely coming back for at least one more year.

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