Friday, December 11, 2009

Heisman Picks and Sooner tid-bits.

The Boomer Blog has been offline for some time due to the fact that we have been dealing with a season of unfortunate circumstances, but we're back. The Heisman ceremony is tomorrow night and there have been some recent tid-bits of information during bowl game preparation that Sooner fans will find very interesting

It's Heisman time...

Let's be honest, this years Heisman race is nothing like it was hyped up to be in August, and we're not just talking about Sooner fans. Sam Bradford went down early, real early. And it's a sad state of events for the most coveted individual trophy in all of sports when a guy that missed the first three games of the season could have easily pulled himself back into the race if it weren't for re-injuring himself in Dallas. Tim Tebow has played himself out of the "greatest player of all time" discussion, and Colt McCoy has been outplayed by a few underclassmen with less than stellar supporting casts.

In the eyes of TBB, there has been only one player in the nation who has consistently played at, and many times beyond, a Heisman level. Luckily this Heisman bill will be presented in print so there is no chance for what would surely be a slaughtering of the young DT's name.

1. Ndamukong Suh: DT Nebraska
- I said it during the Missouri game and I'll say it again. If you can make Gerald McCoy and Terrance Cody irrelevant you deserve a bigger trophy than the Heisman. Suh has played big in every game this year for the Huskers, and quite honestly put a sub-par Nebraska team into games they had no business being a part of. In fact, if Suh would have played a season like this last year TBB would have voted him first, over Sam Bradford.
2. Toby Gerhart: RB Stanford
- Whether you saw it or not, Gerhard was the most consistently great offensive player in '09. And it is the firm belief of this blog that the Cardinal running back shouldn't suffer for the fact that his games weren't televised.
3. Mark Ingram: RB Alabama
- Ingram played his biggest games on the largest stages this year, including a ridiculous performance against one of the top defensive units in the nation during the SEC Championship. Sure, the guy had 5 games with under 100 yards, but he still deserves to be number three on this list.
4. Kellen Moore: QB Boise State
- Kellen Moore was the best quarterback in the nation this year, and after playing an entire season of mistake free football he will have nothing to show for it. The Boise State QB finished the season with 3325 passing yards and a 64.6 completion percentage with only three interceptions to his 39 touchdowns. Moore wasn't even invited to the Heisman ceremony which is a little ridiculous after looking at his numbers. Looks like Moore gets to play the role of Graham Harrell this season. But we all know who really shouldn't have been invited...
5. Colt McCoy: QB Texas
- Colt McCoy did have some stellar football games this season, but nothing in comparison to the big wins and the big numbers of '08. And putting up big numbers in game like Oklahoma State, Baylor, and Kansas is really not very impressive considering he was out played by Landry Jones (FR), Jerrod Johnson (Soph.), and only looked slightly better than Zach Lee in the Big 12 Championship. It's been a great season for the Longhorns but people would be a lot more excited about the BCS Championship game if they were playing now like they did last year.

Honorable Mention
Tim Tebow: QB Florida
- Tim obviously gave his heart and soul this season as can be seen by his whimpering after getting his butt kicked in the SEC Championship game. Maybe if Florida had Percy Harvin America wouldn't have had to see Tebow drowning in his own tears. This is a man who has two National Championship rings, a Heisman trophy, and will be finishing his career playing for one of the better BCS bowls. Nobody feels sorry for you Tim.

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