Sunday, February 15, 2009

University of Oklahoma Students received emergency text messages Friday that would have been too late to help. Photo by Taylor Bullard.

A suspect was arrested Friday in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma after fleeing the University of Oklahoma that morning when it was realized that he might have posed a threat to university students.
According to The Oklahoma Daily, former University of Oklahoma student Michael Joseph Childress, 27, allegedly attacked Mano Yasud, a Japanese professor at the college early Friday morning in Kauffman hall.
Although President Boren took action quickly, many students set to receive emergency text messages from the university didn't get messages until well after the situation had already been defused.
"I had a class in Kauffman right after it happened and I could have unknowingly walked into a dangerous situation," University of Oklahoma junior John McCoy said." "I didn't get the text message until after 6 p.m., but if I did I wouldn't have been walking into Kauffman right then."
A university wide e-mail was sent out by Jay Doyle, and assistant to President Boren, explaining the situation, but unfortunately students are not always in a position to check their e-mails while on campus. One of the many reasons the university has begun using text messaging for emergency situations.

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