Friday, February 6, 2009

OU fails to sign big play receiver

After a long recruiting season the University of Oklahoma will be welcoming 23 new football players to the OU football family, but will be missing one key component.

This OU recruiting season revolved around two vital aspects that would ensure success on the gridiron. Defense and big play receivers were on the menu for the 2009 recruiting class, but Bob Stoops and the rest of the coaching staff came away from National Signing Day without the latter.

Hard and fast recruiting practices came into play with big names like Rueben Randle, Terry Hawthorne, Jheranie Boyd, and Bryce McNeal, but the OU football team couldn't land one.

Listening to Head Coach Bob Stoops you would never know that OU had any troubles with recruiting this year. "The caliber of these players will allow us to continue to compete at a high level," Stoops said.

The defense was clearly the highlight of this recruiting class. Defensive playmakers like Ronnell Lewis, Gabe Lynn, and Jamarkus McFarland, along with an offensive minded 2008 class, should ensure success for the Sooners in the near future

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