Friday, October 23, 2009

Mid Season Bowl Preditions

It's about that time. The time of the year when college football looks far to into the future to predict who we'll be seeing in the BCS bowl games. Who will represent the SEC? Will Texas finish out their schedule unscathed? And, of course, what bowl will the USC Trojans be playing? All of your questions are answered with much speculation right here on "The Boomer Blog."

BCS National Championship
Alabama v. USC
- The prediction is bold. How could a team that left Seattle with a loss make it to the big show? Well, maybe they shouldn't. But TBB has a good feeling that a currently suspect Texas team won't make it through the rest of their schedule without a loss, and we're not even talking about the Big 12 Championship. The Longhorns have looked suspect against Texas Tech, Colorado and an Oklahoma squad who's only strength might be their defense. USC has had quality wins against Ohio State, California and Notre Dame. If you give the most talented team in the nation an entire season to impress they're going to do it.
- Alabama, on the other hand, looks to be the best team in college football, save a few struggles here and there by junior quarterback Greg McElroy. Mark Ingram has set a pace for the Heisman presentation in New York and the defense has remained one of the most dominant in the nation.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
Texas v. TCU
- This match-up is tricky. Will it be TCU or Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl? Well we're going to make a stab in the dark here and say that Boise will be awarded the Sugar Bowl with previously strong showings in recent years. TCU will finish undefeated with a gripe for a playoff but should be happy with a chance to prove their legitimacy against a strong Texas squad.

Rose Bowl
Iowa v. Oregon?
- Iowa is looking like the class of the Big 10 (whatever that means). The Hawkeyes still have quality games left on the schedule with Michigan State and Ohio State. But losing only one of these games will all but lock Iowa for the Rose Bowl. 
- This is where a monkey wrench is going to get thrown into the system. The traditional match-up here would be between the best available Big 10 and Pac 10 schools. If that scenario holds expect Oregon to make a trip to Pasadena as they have some real opportunities to climb the rankings before December.

Sugar Bowl
Florida v. Boise State
- TBB would bet the farm that Florida will be making a trip to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. This simply isn't the Florida team of last year, but there is no doubt that if the Gators do go down it will be to 'Bama and only 'Bama. The Gators will win out and take one on the chest in the SEC Championship game putting them on path for a match-up in the big easy.
- Boise State doesn't have an opportunity to lose, which is why they will be on the outside looking in on the BSC National Championship. A win over Oregon doesn't make you a national championship team, Sorry Boise. They will still be able to enjoy a quality bowl and maybe make for an interesting game if they provide the nation with more BCS trickeration. 

Orange Bowl
Miami v. Cincinnati
- Miami will represent a lowly ACC conference against another surprising Cincinnati squad. Out of a handful of probable bad match-ups this might prove to be the best game of the lot. Nobody can say that Miami isn't fun to watch and college football is about to realize that Cincinnati is the Cinderella of the 2009 season.

Texas losing a game this season might be the worst possible thing that could happen to the BCS this year. Iowa, Boise State and TCU have more than a good chance to finish their seasons without a loss. Thus, all three will have a serious problem with being passed up by a team that lost the Washington. Unfortunately none of these teams scheduled OOC and will have to fall on their own sword for that reason.

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