Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gresham Update: 9.8.09

The Boomer Blog is now expecting that Gresham will be out for the season. The talented pass-catching TE will have his knee scoped this week, but unlike previous predictions the outlook is becoming less positive by the day. 

Stoops and Wilson still have not updated Gresham's recovery time, and as it often is with this coaching staff, no news is bad news. "The Boomer Blog" is predicting that the soonest Gresham could be back would be by the Big 12 Championship game, which is looking unlikely for the Sooners anyway. But, on a positive note, "The Blog" is predicting that Gresham and Bradford will return to Oklahoma and continue to play for the Sooners next season.

After watching BYU defeat the Sooners in Dallas it has become evident that Gresham might be more important to the success of this offense than Bradford. Oklahoma clearly had problems with stretching the field against the Cougars who have now provided Sooner oponents with a winning defensive game plan to put a stop to this offense.

The Gresham Injury Effect:

"The Boomer Blog" is ever the optimist. And in the spirit of optimism will now be predicting the starting lineup for the 2010 football season. Injuries to Gresham and Bradford have shaken things up as far as who will likely be entering the draft early. If "The Blog" knows Bob Stoops he'll be preaching to his players early about rejoining the team for the 2010 season in hopes of improving draft status.

* Denotes players whom "The Boomer Blog" believes will consider the NFL draft.

LT: Jarvis Jones
LG: Steven Good
C: Ben Habern
RG: Tyler Evans
RT: Josh Aladenoye
TE: James Hanna
WR: DeJuan Miller
WR: Brandon Caleb
SL: Ryan Broyles *
QB: Sam Bradford *
FB: Brandon Crow
RB: DeMarco Murray *

Other Key Offensive Players: SL Mosis Madu, RB Jermie Calhoun, WR Cameron Kenney, TE Trent Ratterree, QB Landry Jones, LT Jeff Vinson

DE: Jeremy Beal *
DT: Adrian Taylor *
DT: Gerald McCoy *
DE: Frank Alexander
SLB: Austin Box
MLB: Tom Wort
WLB: Travis Lewis *
FCB: Dominique Franks *
SS: Sam Proctor
FS: Quinton Carter
BCB: Demontre Hurst

Additional Key Defensive Players: DE R.J. Washington, DT Stacey McGee, DT Justin Chaisson, DE David King, LB Ronnell Lewis, LB Jaydan Bird, SS Javon Harris, FS Marcus Trice, DT Jamarkus McFarland, LB/? Joseph Ibiloye

Some of the above predictions might seem bold but you would have to believe that Gresham's injury and Bradford's loyalty to the Sooners will play major rolls in their possible return to Owen Field in 2010. It seems to be a stretch to say that Gerald McCoy will be coming back next year to play with the team. But, the Oklahoma City native will have one year of eligibility following the 2009 season and there is nothing thus far that would lead us to believe that McCoy won't consider the opportunity to stay with Oklahoma.

The 2009 Sooners are looking like underdogs atleast one other time this season against Texas. The point of showing the possible 2010 lineup is to show Sooner fans that if these guys decide to come back next year they will easily be the class of a weaker Big 12 and would possibly be the class of the entire league. Think about it. How many teams can you think of that will return talent like this next year? Here's to dreaming Sooner fans.

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