Friday, August 28, 2009

Rank 'Em

The AP preseason polls are out, and so are the polls for The Boomer Blog. 

BB Polls
1. Florida *
2. Oklahoma *
3. Texas
4. USC *
5. Ohio State 
6. Ole Miss
7. Va. Tech
8. Oklahoma State
9. Alabama
10. California
11. LSU
12. Penn State
13. Georgia
14. Iowa *
15. Boise State *
16. Oregon
17. Nebraska
18. TCU
19. Kansas
20. Miami
21. UNC
22. BYU
23. Notre Dame
24. FSU
25. Utah

* = Depicts teams that will win their conference


- Tennessee will the the surprise team of the '09 season. They're not going to make a run at the SEC East, and they won't be upsetting teams left and right. But, what you can expect from Tennessee is for them to go out and make an impression that will let the entire conference know that they will be a team to reckon with in '10.

- The recent decision to start Matt Barkley for USC will have nothing but a positive effect on the Trojans this season. Barkley is probably the closest thing to an NFL ready freshman quarterback that college football has ever seen. The bottom line is that both Barkley and Corp are starting above Mitch Mustain, a good quarterback who started as a freshman as Arkansas before the messy breakup in Fayetteville. Before Barkley leaves USC for the NFL he will have easily wrapped up a Heisman and probably a few national titles as well. 

- There won't be a non BCS team in the discussion for the National Championship game this year. BYU, Utah, TCU and Boise State will all lose games this year, which means there will be no discussion about leaving anybody out in the cold. Oregon has a shot to knock off both Boise State and Utah, and they have the talent to do it. TCU will have to make it through UVA, Clemson, BYU and Utah to be in the discussion...which is very unlikely. 

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