Sunday, April 19, 2009

Capel never thought Arizona?

Coach  Capel put rumors to rest by resigning with Oklahoma after newspapers reoirted he would leave for Arizona. Photo taken from Oklahoma News 9.

In this day and age of modern media the general public can find information any time, anywhere, from a multitude of different sources. 

The problem with this informations is that it is not always correct, or in some cases, couldn't be further from the truth. In the case of Jeff Capel, one false report from a newspaper in Phoenix proved publishing a story on a hunch can get out of hand in a hurry.

According to the East Valley Tribune, Jeff Capel had already interviewed to become the next head basketball coach at the University of Arizona, and sources said he was the leading candidate. The problem? The interview never happened.

"I talked to Capel last week," Bob Barry Jr. said. "He said that he was sitting on the couch watching ESPN with his wife when they reported he was in Tuscon interviewing to become the next Arizona head coach."

The University of Arizona has moved on and hired Sean Miller as their new head coach. Miller, previously the head coach at Xavier, had just come off his fourth consecutive NCAA tournament with the Musketeers.

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